Arrangements for Children

In the breakdown of a relationship, it’s always the children who are affected most. This is the position taken by the law too, and our legal system reflects this by what it expects of parents when they separate.

In these situations, parents have a responsibility to look at what’s best for their children when making decisions on how to handle living arrangements. 

Both parents are encouraged to look honestly at their situation and come to an agreement that gives their children the best life possible. There are even specialist mediation services available that can help parents work through disagreements, look at things from another perspective, and offer guidance on difficult topics. 

But sometimes circumstances mean that mediation between parents simply won’t work when an agreement cannot be reached. If this happens it may be down to the family courts to look at your situation and make an order on what should happen with your children.

It’s often at this point that parents feel the need for legal advice. Given its sensitive nature, it’s only natural we wish to understand where we stand and what we can reasonably hope for. Seeking professional guidance and assistance can help us understand our situation better, resolve any difficult issues, and give us confidence to push for a greater role in our children’s lives.

At Robertsons Solicitors we understand the concerns of parents looking to give their children the best life they can have post-separation, and safeguard their own role in raising them. The best way of doing this is to understand your legal position and receive the legal guidance you need, and we have the experienced family law specialists to offer you just this. 

Don’t enter into your child arrangement discussions unprepared – get the legal assistance you need..

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