Step-Parents/Grandparents Rights

The biological parents of a young person are not the only family members to care deeply for their wellbeing. 

Step-parents and grandparents can have just as much investment in the child, if not more, than their birth parents, and in many cases they can actually be more suitable carers for them. In such a situation, it’s natural for step-parents or grandparents to be curious about the rights they may have concerning a child. 

Whether they wish to obtain residence or have contact following a breakup, they’ll need expert legal guidance to make this happen.

Different rights for step parents and grandparents

While courts look at what’s best for the child when making a decision, step-parents and grandparents do not have the same rights to a child that biological parents have. This makes it substantially harder for a non-biological parent to gain contact with a child, and anyone looking to do so is advised to only attempt this with sound legal help. 

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Getting a court order can be critical to the future of a young person you care about, so let us help you make a difference to their life.

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