Prohibited Steps & Specific Issues

When parents separate it’s inevitable that disagreements will arise about what to do with the children. While many of these issues can be resolved by the parents talking and agreeing on a course of action, sometimes these disagreements concern very important issues that neither parent will give ground on. 

When these matters arise, it may fall to the family courts to make a decision that requires a parent to do something or stops them taking a certain course of action. 

These are known as Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders. A Prohibited Steps Order will prevent a parent doing something specific, for example stopping them taking the child abroad. A Specific Issue Order, meanwhile, involves the family court making a decision on a specific issue such as which school the child will go to.

Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders can be made on a wide range of issues, and they can be an effective way of resolving disputes if mediation between the parents has failed.

But they still require the involvement of the family court to get granted, and it’s understandable that parents will feel they need assistance to make sure this is done properly. 

At Robertsons Solicitors our family law team is highly experienced in Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders. We understand that parents will usually only take this course of action when the situation is serious, and our services are designed to be as stress-free and straightforward as possible for you.  

We’re here to help you get the outcome you want, so don’t fight for your child’s wellbeing alone – let us help you every step of the way.

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