Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is becoming one of the most used conflict resolution UK tools, aimed at giving every party involved the chance to voice their opinions in a safe environment. With the assistance of a third independent party, amicable communication can become a possibility, allowing all parties to speak their mind in a completely confidential setting. While the results of mediation differ from case to case,  the benefits of mediation are prominent in all situations.


When looking at civil and commercial mediation fees over court costs, there is often a significant difference.  It is the speed of mediation and lack of external legal representation that makes mediation an affordable alternative to a full court hearing.

Mediation can be used at any stage of a dispute, making the process much more efficient than other dispute options or court proceedings.  This reduces the cost that both parties will have to pay. In many situations, the mediation takes place between just one mediator and the parties involved (including their legal representative). Therefore, both parties can participate in the mediation process without high expenses.

Control and Support

This is one of the biggest factors in why individuals, especially in complex construction disputes or commercial disputes, choose to use mediation services. The finality of a court hearing often doesn’t provide an adequate solution for all parties, while mediation gives back the element of control over a situation to the parties involved. Where the problems have arisen due to complex contracts or legal arrangements, finding a unique solution that fits the needs of the situation can be much more beneficial.

The mediator will support both parties through this process, directing the mediation sessions rather than controlling them. The impartial mediation advice provided can help to establish new options and grounds for compromises that may not have been previously considered or explored.

Additional Resolution

Not all cases are straightforward, particularly when conflict resolution negotiation is required in civil cases. Some disputes may have underlining causes that will not be properly explored in a formal court setting, leaving the current dispute free to quickly resurface, causing further problems. Mediation advice can extend to rebuilding fractured relationships, allowing all parties to freely discuss their problems without judgement or interference from the mediator. This can prevent further issues developing and aid in a compromise being made when every party can understand where the other is coming from.

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