Our Fees

At Robertsons Mediation, we believe that mediation should be a choice that is open to everyone, no matter your financial standing or how complicated your dispute may be. To help you put an end to your dispute, we provide mediation services with fixed fees. If a mediation settlement is reached it will bring a conclusion to the dispute without the need for further legal costs

All fees include an accredited mediator, preparation for your case, initial correspondence and travel costs and expenses anywhere England & Wales. If you wish us to mediate in other parts of the UK (or further afield) then please contact us to discuss fees.

All fees attract VAT at 20%

Standard 8 hour mediation

Up to £50,000£400 per party
Between £50,000 and £100,000£600 per party
Between £100,000 and £500,000£750 per party
Between £500,000 and £1 million£800 per party
Over £1 millionPOA

4 hour mediation

Three quarters of the above fees.

Mediation claims less than £15,000

If your dispute claim is less than £15,000, video conferencing mediation may be a more viable solution for you. Our video conferencing mediation also comes with a fixed rate, so there will be no unexpected costs.

1 hour mediation£50 per party
2 hour mediation£100 per party
3 hour mediation
(claims between £5,000 and £15,000)
£175 per party

Video conferencing mediation can be provided for claims over £15,000 with prior arrangement.

Additional Fees

Any additional hours will be charged at £100 per party. All fees attract VAT. Please note that, if we use premises that require room hire, these fees will also be payable by the parties.

Our Expert Team

Our expertise is how we maintain our strong reputation as a law firm.

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