Meeting your Family Law Solicitor for the First Time: Top Tips

For many of us, arranging to meet a solicitor is not a regular affair. And so, when the time arises it can be a daunting process. The idea of discussing personal and private matters can be challenging for some, particularly at what is often an emotionally draining and stressful time. It’s important to remember that your first meeting with your family law Solicitor should not only be to discuss private matters, but to build a relationship with one-another.

So, what do you need to think about prior to the meeting?

1. Gather information

At your first meeting, your solicitor will want to gather as much information and detail about your situation as possible. Before your meeting write down the key details of your situation. This should include dates, relevant people and include financial information if applicable. This will make the meeting easier for you as you won’t then need to think off the top of your head during the meeting. If you are unsure what to take to your meeting, contact your family law solicitor beforehand and just ask. They’ll be happy to help, and it will make the meeting more efficient.

2. Solicitors are your friends not foe

Many people believe solicitors and lawyers are only out for one thing, to win and make money. Yes they are businesses, but it’s not often true. Here at Robertsons, for example, we adhere to values of expertise, service and community. We’re not out to get you – we want to deliver a great service and get the best possible outcome for you. We, and many of our peers want to help you through your case and be as supportive as we can be.

3. Be honest

Honesty is key.
Meetings should not only be a time to exchange information and discuss private matters – they should be an opportunity to build a relationship and establish trust. Remember, all meetings with your solicitor is confidential; if you do not provide accurate and honest information, you will waste time, money and credibility. If there is Domestic Violence involved, then don’t be afraid to mention it.

4. Ask questions

Before meeting your solicitor, write a list of questions you need to ask. Remember, your solicitor has probably been through this process many times. Don’t get swept along. If you have questions from the outset, or during the process, you should ask them freely. In the majority of instances, your solicitor will have already answered your questions, but if they haven’t, your pre-requisite list will be on hand to ensure you forget nothing. These questions could include ‘How much do you charge? Will any other solicitors work on my case?’

If at any point you do not understand a term or are confused by any point raised by your solicitor, do not hesitate to ask them to explain what they mean.

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