Dental Negligence

We all know that feeling of a sore tooth and the relief that a visit to the dentist can bring. But if a dental treatment goes wrong, it can be traumatic and all the more painful.   As your dental negligence solicitors, Robertsons Solicitors are here to support you.

What is dental negligence?

As the name suggests, dental negligence is any physical injury caused directly, made worse, or overlooked by your dentist or any other dental health professional.   You might be entitled to compensation if this happened to you.

Some dental negligence claims that we have seen include the following:

  • Nerve injury during a dental consultation
  • Incorrect diagnoses or oral cancer misdiagnoses
  • Mistakes in treatment leading to the loss or damage of teeth
  • Restorative dentistry errors, and more.

Why choose us as dental negligence solicitors?

Our experienced team have an in-depth understanding of how a dental negligence case will proceed. We understand what you are going through and can help you claim compensation.  

We will gather the evidence you need and consult with medical professionals to reach the best possible outcome for your scenario.   We understand that it is also essential to understand what happened fully, and we will work to get an explanation of precisely what went wrong.

No win, no fee.

If you choose us, there is nothing to pay upfront, and you will only pay us if your dental negligence claim proves successful. Even then, our legal costs will come from your compensation award.

Dental Negligence FAQs

Yes, you can.  Whether the procedure was medical or cosmetic, your dentist still had a duty of care to provide the best service possible. Furthermore, mistakes during cosmetic procedures can be just as painful as medical ones.  Therefore, you are still entitled to make a dental negligence claim, even if the procedure was cosmetic.

You must claim within three years of the incident, except if a child or a mentally disabled person is involved.  A parent or guardian can make claims on behalf of a child until the child is eighteen, and after that, when the 3-year timeframe kicks in, the child (now adult) can do so himself.

There are no time limits for claims if you are claiming on behalf of someone who does not have the mental capability to claim for himself.

We can't promise that.  Some cases are settled within a few months, while others can take years.   The outcome depends on how severely you were injured and if your dentist or NHS professional is willing to accept responsibility.

The dental negligence compensation you will receive depends on the facts of your individual case.  We'd be happy to give you an estimate, but the final amount is subject to various factors and is not something we can predict.  We can, however, promise you our dedication to the best possible outcome.

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