Surgical Negligence

Every surgical procedure has inherent risks, but when your surgeon or the hospital that treated you is negligent, you can pursue a surgical negligence claim.

At Robertsons Solicitors, we’ve seen surgical error cases such as amputating the wrong limb, performing the wrong type of operation, damage to organs during surgery and more.  

But what is the formal definition of surgical negligence?

In legal terms, it is the physical or psychological harm caused by a surgeon’s wrongdoing.   

As your medical negligence solicitors, Robertsons will look for a breach of duty and demonstrate the resulting harm to you as a patient.   Thankfully such claims in England and Wales are pretty rare, but they do happen, particularly with the National Health Service, which experiences increasing pressures.

If your healthcare provider has failed in their duty of care, contact Robertsons Solicitors to help. We work on a no-win, no-fee basis and can help you work through your surgical negligence claim to see if it has merit.

There are other areas of medical negligence that we also assist with and have been able to secured large settlements for people who have been faced with traumatic events due to medical wrongdoing.

Surgical Negligence FAQs

Generally, you will have three years to make a claim.  The three years are dated from the date of your surgical injury or the date you found out that the health professional messed up.

However, if the medical negligence involves a child, a parent or guardian can claim on their behalf until they are eighteen. Additionally, after that, their three-year countdown starts, and they can make a claim themselves.  Should the person you claim for be mentally incapacitated, there is no time limit on a surgical negligence claim.

Our specialist advisors at Robertsons Solicitors in Cardiff and Barry will be able to give you the likely value of your surgical negligence claim based on your account of your injuries.  However, what you'll receive will depend on the testimony of medical experts.  We can also help you recover lost earnings and other associated financial losses.

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