Recent Legal Victory in Boundary Dispute

Boundary Dispute

In a recent case, our legal team advised and assisted a private client in a complex boundary dispute with their neighbour regarding an earthen strip of land on their castle grounds. This three-year-long case, spanning from 2021 to 2024, revolved around a pathway between the properties, with the contested land forming a critical point of contention. The property in question is valued at £2 million.

The issue in dispute concerned the ownership of the strip of land adjacent to the neighbour’s path, which they used to enter their property. While our client had a right of access “to pass and repass” over this pathway, the neighbours claimed ownership and planted shrubbery and trees on the land. Our client countered this claim, asserting that their title extended from the wall of their property over the earth strip up to the concrete path. Furthermore, they argued that the shrubbery planted by the neighbours was causing dampness to their property.

After a thorough examination of the case and effective advocacy, the court ruled in favour of our client. The strip of land was confirmed to be under our client’s ownership, and the court awarded costs in favour of our client.

Litigation Director William Baird commented, “Securing this victory for our client was a testament to our commitment to protecting their property rights. This case exemplifies the importance of diligent legal representation and thorough preparation in achieving successful outcomes.”

This outcome highlights the dedication and expertise of our litigation team in navigating complex property disputes and securing favourable results for our clients. We are proud to have achieved a fair and just outcome for our client, affirming their property rights and resolving a long-standing issue.

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