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Paying Unlawful Dividends – What are the Legal Repercussions?

Paying unlawful dividends can mean serious repercussions for businesses. We investigate what unlawful dividends are.

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Children and divorce

Just this week, the wife of Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd announced on social media that she and her husband are to split but remain committed to their children.  A cursory check on social media will show that the marriage appears not to have been in a good place for some time.  If this couple, or […]

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Robertsons Solicitors appoints 3 new directors

Law firm Robertsons has recently made three Director appointments at its Park Place offices in central Cardiff. Children’s Law expert Rhian Whiting, Site Development specialist Claire Wilde and leading Commercial Property solicitor Leighton Sheady have all been appointed as the firm continues its growth in the South Wales legal arena. Rhian joined the firm in […]

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Wendy Hopkins - Remembering her legacy

The Directors and Staff of Robertsons Solicitors are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our most highly regarded Consultants, Wendy Hopkins. Wendy’s esteemed career spanned over 30 years.  In 1996 she established the first law firm to solely focus on family law in South Wales, and became synonymous with family law […]

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Common Causes of Christmas Consternation

Christmas is often a pressure cooker of expectation and excess and as a result, it can provide the perfect storm for family arguments and fallings out.  This year, the pressure is increased because of the limitations and perceived risks that families will be taking to spend time together. As we begin our final preparations for […]

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Robertsons takes part in Will Aid 2020

The charity Will writing scheme Will Aid was launched in 1988. Since its launch in partnership with the legal profession, the initiative has raised over £21 million and supported nine charities. During the month of November every year, solicitor practices that have signed up to the scheme will prepare basic Wills for their clients free […]

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Writing a Will During a Global Pandemic

The law governing Wills, their preparation and execution is, governed by the Wills Act 1837 (the ‘1837 Act’). The 1837 Act states that a Will must be executed in the presence of two independent witnesses.  The current Covid pandemic has led to a lot of people being put off making a Will or changing their […]

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Honey, things have changed, let’s get a post-nuptial agreement.

You’ve likely heard of a pre-nuptial agreement.  Opinions of them vary from the highly supportive, to those who are avidly against them.  Lesser known are post-nuptial agreements. Post-nuptial agreements are signed by a couple who are married or in a civil partnership that has agreed on how assets might be divided upon divorce or dissolution.  They are […]

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What makes a good conveyancing solicitor?

There is no shortage of conveyancing solicitors in this world.  A straightforward google will reveal a plethora of conveyancers on your doorstep.  Choice is good! And it’s very important to find the right solicitor for you because many a dream home has been lost as a result of unnecessary issues and delays with the conveyancing […]

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Working from home issues are not just about employment law.

The Government has indicated that it wishes to steer people back to the workplace to regain some kind of ‘norm’ post Coronavirus, with employers consulting with their staff whether it’s still viable for them to continue to work from home.  Supporting this, the head of Barclays has recently said that he wants Barclays employees that […]

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