Academic Appeals

If you are dissatisfied with your assessment results, you might be wondering, “What is an academic appeal?” and “Can I appeal my university grades?”

An academic appeal is an opportunity to:

  • Contest your grades and/or
  • A decision about your academic progression

An appeal is typically based on one of the permitted grounds for appeal, which could include:

  • Procedure: failure to follow correct procedures
  • Bias: actual or perceived bias
  • Extenuating or Mitigating Circumstances including:
  • events that had an impact on your performance (such as illness and bereavement)
  • rejection of your mitigating circumstances

To bring a successful case, you must tick all the appropriate boxes, as each university will have its own list of acceptable grounds of appeal.

Make sure to check the deadline before considering making an appeal because universities frequently impose strict deadlines. You face the danger of having your case dismissed if you file your appeal after the deadline.

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