Complaints To The OIA

Are you dissatisfied with how your university handled your appeal or complaint?

If you’ve tried using the university’s internal processes to address your complaint or appeal, you might be wondering:

  • Where can I file a complaint against my university?
  • Who are the OIA and what can they do?

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) is an impartial complaints body that manages university complaints. The OIA will assess complaints made by students and consider whether the university handled the case in line with the correct procedures.

To make an admissible complaint, a particular set of conditions must be satisfied. According to the OIA’s 2023 report, 75% of cases were unjustified, withdrawn, or ineligible. The OIA can be a useful means to resolve your complaint against your university, but it is essential that you have the proper help in order to file a successful complaint.

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