Small Claims Court

It happens to all of us. We purchase goods or services with an understanding of what we’ll be getting. Then, when the goods arrive or we receive the services, we realise that what we’re given is very different to what we paid for.

Maybe the goods don’t work in the way they’re supposed to, maybe they break soon after we start using them. Or maybe the services you received didn’t include everything you were promised, or perhaps they just didn’t solve the problem you requested them to deal with.

While you may be left wondering what to do, thankfully there are options available to you as a consumer. 

The small claims court was designed to deal with matters under £10,000 in value, and it is often the best option for individuals and small businesses looking to pursue their case. It was made to be more straightforward and cheaper to use than the larger courts, and it’s a popular option with the general public for dealing with everyday disputes. 

However, the small claims court still has a number of formalities to follow, and anyone looking to bring their claim needs to understand the processes of the court. While these processes aren’t as complex as those in higher courts, they can still be intimidating to an inexperienced claimant. Add in court costs and the value of your claim, and many claimants don’t feel comfortable pursuing their matter without personal legal assistance. 

We have extensive experience in the small claims court and are we’re here to give you the advice, help and representation your case needs to give it the best chances of success. We have the know-how to guide you through every step of the court process, so let us give you the help your case deserves.

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