Landlord & Tenant

Every landlord and tenant has faced difficulties concerning a rented property at some point. 

Landlords frequently have to exercise their legal rights against troublesome tenants. Whether its difficulty getting rent money, leaving the property damaged, or simply refusing to depart from the premises, tenants can be the source of some serious headaches for even the best landlords.

Tenants, meanwhile, often have to endure poor living conditions, broken contract terms and the deliberate withholding of deposit money from unscrupulous landlords. 

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, in times like these you need to know the full extent of your rights. This will help you understand what options are available to you, and which course of action is best for your circumstances. 

Failing to understand all the legal remedies available to you could leave the matter dragging on for much longer than necessary, causing you stress and wasting money with every passing day. 

Not knowing the limits of what you are permitted to do can be equally as dangerous, however, and overstepping your legal rights as either a landlord or tenant can quickly get you in trouble.

At Robertsons Solicitors we have the experience and knowledge you need to ensure you make the right decisions. We can give you all the legal advice you need as a landlord, every remedy available to you as a tenant, and ensure every choice you make concerning your rental property or living situation is a smart one.

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