Building & Boundary Disputes

Our home is a very special place for us. It’s our castle, our sanctuary, and we often spend years working towards making this piece of land just right for ourselves and our family.

That’s why boundary disputes are especially difficult for us to deal with.

When a neighbour or public body tries to restrict us doing something on what we consider to be our own land, or tries to claim this land is theirs, we naturally see this as a serious imposition.

Boundary disputes can arise in a number of ways. They can come from a neighbour claiming a part of your land belongs to them, and then beginning to treat this land as their own. They can come from a party wall dispute whereby you and a neighbour disagree over exactly where the line separating your properties is drawn. Or they can come from your local council denying you permission to build on your property due to land boundaries.

Boundary disputes can be very difficult matters to resolve on our own. They often require expertise in legal matters to get a good understanding of who may be in the right and identify the evidence you need to argue your case before a court.

At Robertsons Solicitors we have the experience in boundary disputes to tell you where you stand, and the dedication to our clients to fight your corner.

Don’t leave your land in the hands of others, get back control of the property that’s rightfully yours with legal assistance you can trust.

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