Contractual Disputes

Whether you purchased goods or services and were not given what you paid for, or you provided goods or services and never received payment, understanding where you stand in a contractual dispute is critical to resolving your situation.

A contract sits behind every agreement two parties make when they consent to exchange money for goods and services. Contrary to popular opinion though, you don’t actually need a signed piece of paper to have a legally binding contract in place.

Contracts can be made verbally

While it’s always better to have the terms of your agreement down in writing, contracts can be made by verbal agreement or simply by two parties acting in such a way to suggest there is a set agreement in place.

This can make things complicated when you have a dispute with the seller or buyer. Both parties claim to be in the right and no one is backing down, so what are you to do if you feel the other side haven’t held up their part of the agreement?

At Robertsons Solicitors we are highly experienced in dealing with contractual disputes, and we’re here to give you the advice and help you need to get the best possible outcome. We even offer assistance if the matter needs to be taken through the courts to reach a satisfactory conclusion (see our Small Claims Court and Litigation pages). 

So don’t leave things to chance, let us give you the helping hand your contractual dispute needs.

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