Contractual Disputes

A legal framework

Contracts are used in most business transactions.  It serves as a framework where the different parties’ obligations and the contract terms and agreements are set out. Some specific contracts are purchase/sales contracts for services or goods, intellectual property agreements, employee contracts, real estate contracts and many more. 

Unfortunately, contractual disputes are too common between clients, vendors, partners, organisations and even the government.

Contractual disputes

When contracts are breached or are in dispute, people often turn to Robertsons Solicitors for assistance. Contracts are not always straightforward, so solicitors that specialise in contract law are best to review the contract and circumstances. For instance, issues such as proving the meaning and intent of a contract or reviewing a contract’s enforceability can arise. If oral representations are made in connection with any contracts we consider how appropriate these are to the contractual dispute.

Robertsons Solicitors can offer you the peace of mind that your interests are being protected. In addition, we can pursue legal remedies for you through arbitration, negotiation, or targeted litigation if warranted. If necessary, we will guide you through the court process ensuring that you receive the best representation. If at court, matters can settle before they get to trial.

We will often be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf in relation to the contractual dispute. We pride ourselves in fighting your corner and more often than not, we have obtained favourable settlements without court intervention. This means that we attempt to avoid you the costs and emotional turmoil of going through the court process.

Our qualified and experienced contractual litigation solicitors routinely handle various contract cases annually throughout England and Wales.   We have significant experience handling complex cases involving consumer contracts, licencing contracts, commercial leases, construction contracts, asset-purchase agreements and many more. Our experience is expectational.

Contractual Dispute FAQs

A contract breach is when one party fails to fulfil the obligations of a contract. Examples can include:

  • Not adhering to a timeframe specified in the agreement; and
  • Failing to perform under the terms of the agreement;

One party is then entitled to legal remedies for breach of contract.  See below for the remedies you are entitled to.

It is always a good idea to put a contract in writing. Should a contractual dispute arise, a written contract can give the court the exact terms and conditions of the agreement instead of each party offering interpretations.

However, if there is a verbal agreement, this could constitute a contract; it is just harder to prove the terms of that agreement if nothing is written down.

Depending on the circumstance, you could be entitled to some or all of the following:

  • Damages or payment by the breaching party to the non-breaching party for any financial loss suffered. The amount and type of damages will depend on the facts of the case.   In some cases, damages alone are not sufficient remedy and may be awarded together with other remedies.
  • Specific performance. The court orders the breaching party to perform its duties under the contract.
  • Cancel the contract and restitution. The non-infringing party can cancel the contract and sue for restitution, meaning they must be put back in their position before the contract was breached.

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