Personal Injury at Work

Workplace injuries are, unfortunately, common.  

But should your injury be due to risky work practices or the disregarding of health and safety regulations (and you can prove the incident was not your fault), you can file a claim for your injury against your employer.   

Personal injury at work claims are often complex and can take a long time to resolve.   If you were hurt while doing your job, you should get legal advice as soon as possible.   There are time limits to the process.  

‘What damages can I claim?’

Our specialist personal injury solicitors at Robertsons Solicitors are highly qualified to provide advice and represent you in claiming compensation for personal injury at work.   

We can help you claim lost earnings, medical bills, expected future financial losses, pain and suffering, and more.   A monetary reward can also recognise the harm done and ensure that it won’t ever happen again.

To ensure you get the best results from your personal injury at work claim, speak to an experienced work accident solicitor at Robertsons Solicitors today.   From factory- to industrial accidents, accidents in handling machinery or equipment, or something that happened in the office or warehouse:  we can help.

Your person injury can stem from many aspects at work. This can include physical injury such as broken bones, but can also include mental health injury by the way that you have been treated or due to the work that you have been carrying out. Not all personal injuries can be seen, so you should ensure that you seek advice.

Health & Safety

There are many occasions where injuries in the workplace happen because Health and Safety plans are not in place or are not followed. If this is the case, then speaking to a solicitor can assist in raising these issues with employers so that other employees are protected from the same injuries.

Personal Injury At Work FAQs

The first step is to contact one of our personal injury solicitors at Robertsons.   We will be able to tell you within a few minutes if you have a valid personal injury at work claim.

We will discuss your options, explain the process, and help you deal with your claim quickly and efficiently.   Most of the time, we can help settle workplace injury claims without going to court.

The standard time limit is three years from the date you became aware of your injuries.  (They must have been caused by deliberate action or someone else’s negligence.)

All employers have a duty of care to keep their employees safe. If they breached this duty and someone gets injured, that person is entitled to compensation.  Your employer cannot fire you for making a workplace injury claim.   Should you be harassed or in any way or treated unfairly because you made a claim, it is all the more reason to contact us.

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