Road Traffic Accidents

At Robertsons Solicitors, we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of road traffic accident claims.

We work with clients to quickly get a complete picture of how a road accident affected them so that we can recover compensation that correctly reflects your pain and suffering.   

In our experience, carelessness and ignorance are often the leading causes of RTA and why innocent people suffer.  

As your RTA solicitors, we will assist you in getting a rightful reimbursement for what you’ve gone through.  

Even minor accidents can cause lasting injuries, and if the accident was not your fault, you could make a road traffic accident claim.   You can claim for financial losses due to the accident, but you are also entitled to claim for pain and suffering.

What you can claim for in a Road Traffic Accident

As your road traffic accident solicitors, we will first evaluate the validity of your claim.   It is crucial for you to have the correct medical documents, as well as police- and insurance reports to back your injury claim.   We will make sure that all this is in order before we proceed.

The general premise of the law (and for road traffic accident compensation) is to put you back in the financial position you were in before your accident.   In the case of a serious incident, for example, this may include reimbursement for rehabilitation costs or even the costs of adapting your home.

As a rule of thumb, if there is a necessary expense incurred as a direct result of an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to recover the cost from the party responsible for the accident (or their insurer.) Remember, however, that the other party and their insurance company may often be more interested in a quick settlement rather than a positive outcome for your long-term health. Therefore, please speak to us before you agree to sign anything from an insurance company.

We can also assist with claiming compensation in circumstances where you have been injured by uninsured or hit and run drivers. Claims can be made through MIB.

If you think you may be eligible for road traffic accident compensation, Robertsons Solicitors can help!   Don’t hesitate to contact our excellent road traffic accident solicitors to discuss your case.

Road Traffic Accident FAQs

A traffic accident can be defined in different ways. For example, one or more vehicles can be involved, but a road traffic accident can also affect pedestrians, cyclists, or fixed objects such as walls and trees.

Our road traffic accident solicitors at Robertsons will help you define your accident and determine how it affected you.

Make sure you get all the details from the other party. For example, you need to get their name, telephone number, vehicle make and registration number. In addition, get the relevant information about the other party's insurance company.   It is also essential to inform your insurance company about the accident, even if the incident was not your fault.

If no other persons were involved, but you believe you might have a road traffic accident compensation claim, take photos of the damage, surrounding areas and your injuries, if possible.   Write down anything you remember about the circumstances of the accident as soon as possible and get eyewitnesses to do the same.

It would help your case to have the following:

  • A police report so that there is an official record of the incident.
  • Copies of medication or prescriptions related to your medical care after the incident.
  • Photos of your bruises or other injuries.
  • A letter from your employer stating how many workdays you missed because of your accident and how your income was affected.

Your road traffic accident solicitors at Robertsons will be happy to expand on this list as soon as they know your story.

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