Development Projects & Joint Ventures

Whether you are a landowner, developer or any other concerned party, conducting a joint venture in pursuit of a development project means you’ll be investing considerable resources to make it work. 

For this reason, it’s crucial that all parties involved receive professional legal advice before pursuing a development project. This will typically include discussing the client’s options, advising on the most prudent course of action, and raising any issues that look potentially hazardous. 

Every development project is different, carrying its own unique risks and difficulties for those embarking on it. A large part of this is due to the fact your joint venture is a collaborative effort, and the parties involved may disagree on what is expected of them or fail to conduct themselves as expected. 

The need to avoid costly disruptions

It is for this reason that an agreement must be reached between all parties before any meaningful action is taken. Competing interests between landowners and developers, for example, can often be a source of friction. Managing expectations and documenting each party’s responsibilities can avoid costly and stressful disruptions, and doing so is essential for any such project.

The next step is to find a firm of solicitors that carries the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge to safely navigate you through the dangerous waters that development projects and joint ventures can present.

At Robertsons Solicitors we take pride in possessing the skills to ensure our clients enter into these arrangements fully informed. We always guarantee clients move forward with a comprehensive knowledge of salient risk factors and absolute clarity on what their individual responsibilities are, as well as what they can expect of other parties involved.

We remain committed to guaranteeing our clients’ wellbeing through every stage of their development project and joint venture by safeguarding them from the very start. We’re here for you, so trust us to give you the assistance you need.

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