Property Sales & Purchases

The sale and purchase of commercial property brings fresh challenges to the conveyancing process. 

Those only familiar with residential property transactions will be met with a host of unforeseen challenges, while those who have undergone the procedure before will be well aware of what lies ahead.

Even modest property purchases involve sizeable sums of money, and commercial property conveyancing only raises the stakes financially. Special commercial product mortgages must be obtained and even more intensely detailed reports and plans must be conducted, along with the need to seek permission on a wider range of issues. 

Expertise is essential in these transactions

It will be necessary for the professionals guiding you through your purchase or sale to have the in-depth knowledge necessary to bring your matter from its initial stages through to a successful conclusion. The variety of issues to be addressed in commercial property matters is considerable, and the team responsible for overseeing yours must possess the experience and commitment to ensure you a successful outcome.

At Robertsons Solicitors, we understand the importance of your business premises and the ramifications property purchases and sales can make to your livelihood and all those who depend on you. 

We ensure that all steps of the conveyancing process are carried out with a commitment to securing you a successful transaction. You are guaranteed that all checks, searches and reports will be undertaken with the utmost diligence and appreciation for the gravity that a commercial property sale or purchase can make to you.

Trust us to handle your conveyancing matter – your new business premises are in good hands.

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