Landlord & Tenant

Working with commercial property both as a landlord or tenant presents unique challenges that require sensitive navigation. Responsibilities for both parties can be extensive and often aren’t as clear-cut as many would assume. This can be especially true when multiple businesses share the same rented premises.

Responsibility for aspects such as fire safety, cleaning, maintenance of facilities and conducting risk assessments may in fact fall on the party who least expects it. To make matters worse, the penalties for failing your responsibilities can have severe consequences and result in substantial loss of business and serious cash flow issues.

Whether you’re a business owner renting commercial premises or a landlord renting out property for commercial purposes, you need legal assistance you can count on. 

Obtaining the correct guidance

The relationship of Landlord and Tenant should always be as favourable as possible to ensure that it is as trouble free as possible. We know how important this is, which means that we focus on getting the work done to keep that rapport in tact.

At Robertsons Solicitors, we have the expertise to advise you on your responsibilities and what you can expect of your commercial landlord or tenants. Getting the guidance you need for everything ranging from everyday matters to more serious issues can make the difference between your business flourishing or suffering, so make sure you remain prepared. 

Give yourself the assistance your business deserves, and speak to us about your commercial property rental needs.

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