Category: Employment Law

Can I Be Sacked Without a Written Warning? Here’s What to Do

What happens if your employer decides to let you go without first issuing a written warning?

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Employer Withholding Pay After Quitting: Do I Need a Solicitor?

When employment ends, are there any circumstances that an employer can withhold pay from an employee.

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How to Terminate a Contract of Employment: What to Do and When

If you are looking to terminate a contract as either an employer or employee, you will need to consider these issues.

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What Happens at an Employment Tribunal? A Helpful Guide

Not all tribunal matters end up in the Employment Tribunal. But what if it does? How does it work?

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Litigation vs Mediation: Difference, Cost, Process, Benefits

Our article explores the difference between litigation and mediation and what should be considered.

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Dismissing Staff Within 2 Years: Exploring The Employment Rights

We consider the legal implications of dismissing an employee if they have been employed for less than 2 years.

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Can My Employer Reduce My Hours? What They Can and Can’t Do

If you employer is looking to reduce your hours, what are you rights? Do you have to agree?

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My Employer Hasn’t Paid Me: What Should I Do? Your Options

This article explains your rights if your employer does not pay you the wages you are due.

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An introduction to Discrimination and the Equality Act 2010

We review the Equality Act 2010 and highlight one of our recent success cases for a client.

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Can My Employer Change My Job Description? Here’s What to Do

Find yourself with a different job description? Here’s what to do if your employer makes changes.

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Does Employment Law Apply to Contractors: The Simple Guide

This blog offers a simple guide to employment law and contractors and the difference between them.

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Flexible Working: A Quick Guide for Employees and Employers

In this blog we offer a quick guide to flexible working for employee and employers and what to consider.

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