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Cases of contract disputes and consumer disputes can be extremely taxing on all parties involved. Bringing contract disputes to court can be a long and expensive process.  This process which could be avoided using contractual or consumer mediation. Attempting mediation to resolve issues will almost always be looked at favorably by the courts.

Mediation in consumer and contract disputes can vary depending on the individual circumstances that brought about the dispute. For both forms of dispute, the problems could have arisen from many areas. Commonly, conflicts arise over products or services that haven’t performed as expected.  They may also arise where payment hasn’t been made, or a product/service was not fit for the purpose it was intended.

For a business to business relations, a breach of contract can have detrimental after-effects where services are interrupted, or finances are lost.

This may ruin relationships with other companies. Furthermore, important suppliers can also be cut-off, leaving both parties to suffer from a loss of income. For a customer to business contract, a business can lose customers through the repercussions of wrong allegations. If the customer believes the company is to blame for a poor service, there may be a substantial financial loss to that company. This is where meditation provides an ideal solution.

How to Resolve Contract Disputes

Professional mediation services will handle all varieties of contract law disputes. Where there is contract hire disputes, sport disputes, or even construction disputes, often the easiest and least expensive solution is to communicate where errors may or may not have been made.

The quick mediation process can be beneficial to all involved. It considers each parties stance and their thoughts over errors of breach of contract. By engaging in mediation and discussing each party’s position, at Robertsons Mediation we will work to find a solution that resolves the conflict.  This will hopefully dispense with the need of going to court.

If you are in business and find yourself in a business dispute then find out more about the areas of mediation that this covers by visiting out commercial business disputes page.

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