Professional Negligence Disputes

Professional negligence covers a broad range of possible disputes.  It occurs when an individual believes that they have received negligent treatment from a professional. This can be reckless treatment, misdiagnosis, or a failure to bring about expected results. Instances of professional negligence disputes often result in an individual suffering a loss. It could be a loss of finances or loss due to pain or suffering.

Negligence can occur in cases where anyone in a professional capacity has failed in their duty of care. Medical negligence disputes are one of the most common. A medical professional, such as a dentist or veterinary surgeon, has not operated in the expected professional manner. A further example of professional negligence arises in professional retainers such as with solicitors, barristers or surveyors.  This is where individuals do not believe they have been provided with the correct service.

Does mediation work for professional negligence disputes?

Mediation, instead of court proceedings, hopes to provide a professional negligence resolution. This will mean that neither party is subjected to a lengthy and invasive court process. Misunderstanding can often be resolved in a setting where both parties can express their side of the professional negligence dispute without judgement. Conflict resolution negotiation will take place between the two parties with mediation advice being provided by an expert in mediation services. Either party can also bring secondary representation to the mediation.  This representative could be a family member or expert in the professional field to which the dispute arose.

Is Mediation Confidential?

In cases of professional negligence dispute, there could be information of a sensitive nature. At Robertsons Mediation, we understand why you would want the facts of the dispute to remain confidential. Whether you visit our mediation Cardiff centre or use your own premises, all information will stay confidential to the parties involved in the dispute resolution process.

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