Construction Disputes

Whether you find yourself in a large commercial construction dispute or a domestic one, using an alternative dispute resolution construction service can create a productive solution to problems.  Being caught up in a construction dispute can have a negative impact on the work being completed.    You may see delays or damage to property because work isn’t being done.  There is also the possibility of financial loss.

Managing construction disputes can vary in difficulty depending on who the dispute has arisen between and what the implication of the dispute is. For domestic construction, it is often residential projects that are at stake. Examples are disputes with suppliers, property damage, or inappropriate materials that have caused issues. At the other end of the scale, you may have problems with planning permission, defective designs, and employee complaints. Any type of issue can stall construction for a significant amount of time, incurring more financial loss.

How does mediation work for construction disputes?

No two construction disputes in the UK are the same. This can make going to court a challenging and time-consuming option. When the parties involved can control the outcome, this works much better than going to court. It is best to find a solution that will either remedy a problem or allow construction to continue without further delay.  Construction legal disputes are often best resolved by mediation. This is because mediation creates a formal situation where issues can be discussed and worked through. A successful mediation session may result in a settlement agreement that can be made legally binding. Due to the time-sensitive nature of many construction disputes, this can be a lot more effective than full court proceedings.

Is mediation confidential in the UK?

Whether your dispute lies with payment and finances or defects in the design of a construction, mediation offers a confidential service from start to finish. This extends to information shared between the parties when negotiating construction disputes. The mediator will only share agreed upon information.

If the construction has already taken place, you may find yourself in need of mediation for property disputes.  Whatever the area of dispute, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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