Property Disputes

Disputes over commercial and residential property are widespread. For families, property can cause disputes in many different situations.  It could be a falling out over who gets the property when a parent is making a Will.  It could also be at a time when a couple separates and they disagree on the ownership of the property. In business, rental disputes and issues regarding land and lease renewal can also be an area where disputes arise. Furthermore, conflicts can happen with property development or the buying and selling of property.

With complicated contracts involved in almost all areas of property disputes, negotiating the right outcome for all parties involved is often a difficult process. When renting a property, renewing a lease, or looking to buy or sell a property, communication is usually the best means for an amicable solution. This way, a business can continue, and relationships don’t have to cease. However,  when there are financial issues involved, or disagreements that are not civil, reaching a solution alone is not possible.

Why choose alternate dispute resolution in property disputes?

Mediation in property disputes is an ideal solution when informal discussions haven’t led to an agreement. Instead of entering into court proceedings, residential and commercial property mediation addresses what is important to both parties.  It considers what the most vital needs are, and how to find a solution that benefits everyone involved rather than just one party.

In cases such as boundary disputes between neighbours and rights of way, going to court can cause further disputes.  There is also the substantial court expenses on both sides. Property mediation services can provide a faster and more effective way of resolving a dispute. An independent mediator can guide the conversation down a more solution-based route.

At Robertsons Mediation, we will work with both parties, helping to establish a solution that considers your individual circumstances. In a formal setting with help guiding the negotiations, parties can achieve a solution without lengthy court hearings and additional legal costs. If you are in business, you might want to read about how we mediate on commercial business disputes.

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