Director & Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between business partners can have a detrimental effect on business relationships and the future of a company. In an ideal world, business partners or shareholders would have the same expectations and intentions for a company, but often this is not the case. Disagreements can escalate. It could be in relation to the day-to-day running of a company or how to split assets when one party wants to leave. Often it is the business finances which are the basis of business partner or shareholder disputes in both large and small companies.

Disputes can occur during the initial set-up of a company. It can also happen later, such as when a business is looking to progress further into the marketplace. Examples of problems that arise include business law disputes and even business name disputes. When business partners can’t decide on an amicable solution to the issue, then the worst-case scenario could be dissolving the company. Where a decision can’t be reached through discussion, conflict resolution and mediation provide an alternative solution. No party involved wishes to see their company’s future put into question.

How to handle Partnership, Director or Shareholder disputes

Despite the common occurrence of business conflicts, resolving disputes is not a straightforward process. Large and small business disagreements can often be ongoing for some time and include multiple factors that need to be determined. The differences in opinion usually don’t require a judge ruling, but need a setting where they can be aired and resolved appropriately.

There are many benefits of mediation in partnership and shareholder disputes, primarily against the alternative of going to court. Large court hearings can affect the company and the individuals who are in the role as partner, director or shareholder. Conflict that is not resolved can easily put an end to working relationships. Business partners, directors and shareholders can resolve their dispute in a neutral and non-judgmental setting. We work in many areas of mediation so are able to work towards resolving most situations.

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