Disciplinary & Grievance Proceedings

In the workplace it’s inevitable that certain situations will arise that mean investigations are necessary. Yet while disciplinary and grievance proceedings at work are not uncommon, many find them a source of great stress and anxiety.

These feelings are not unjustified. After all, your happiness at work, your job security, or even your career may be at stake.  Disciplinary and grievance procedures may have been designed to solve workplace disputes fairly, but many employees feel overwhelmed, worried and lost when going through them. 

It’s in times like these that employees start to feel the need for legal assistance. Whether it’s to defend yourself in disciplinary action brought against you or to make sure a grievance you raised is taken seriously, getting the right legal advice from an experienced professional can make all the difference.

Both disciplinary and grievance proceedings can ultimately lead to your case being brought to a tribunal. If this does happen then the action you’ve taken up to that point can affect how successful your case is. Many tribunal claimants without prior legal assistance often take their case forward, only to find they did something to jeopardise their claim.  

The best way of ensuring you do things properly is to get professional legal advice as early as possible. Getting things right from the start gives you the best chance of achieving the outcome you deserve, and at Robertsons Solicitors we’re committed to doing this for you. 

Our employment law team is here to guide you through every step of the disciplinary or grievance procedure, as well as whatever comes after. So don’t play with your career – give your disciplinary or grievance proceedings the security they need with expert legal help you can trust.

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