Employee Investigations

Many workplaces require us to interact with large numbers of people on a daily basis, and it’s only natural that disagreements and misunderstandings will arise from time to time. These can give rise to difficult situations, however, and they may need involvement from your employer to make sure they get resolved.

Most of the time these matters are quickly cleared up and put to rest. Yet sometimes it becomes necessary for an employer to conduct more in-depth investigations to fully understand the situation. 

Your employer will usually have procedures in place to make sure their investigations are done fairly, but this doesn’t make the experience any less pleasant if you’re the one being investigated.

If you find yourself the subject of a workplace investigation then it’s natural to be concerned. You feel accused, put under the spotlight, and you start to worry about how this may affect your professional life. You may start to wonder where to turn, and many feel that seeking specialist advice from a qualified legal professional is the safest way of getting through their investigation. 

An employment law specialist can give you a clear understanding of your situation as well as advice on the best way to proceed. On top of this, you’ll be getting the peace of mind that only comes with knowing you’re protecting yourself the best you can. 

At Robertsons Solicitors we have a dedicated employment law team with the skills and experience needed to see you through your employee investigation from start to finish. We have the know-how, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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