Settlement Agreements

If you have an on-going dispute with your employer they may ask you to sign a settlement agreement. A settlement agreement usually involves your employer agreeing to pay you a sum of money in exchange for settling the matter before it goes any further. This is generally done so you don’t pursue your claim and take your employers to a tribunal.

In these situations you need high-quality legal advice to understand your rights and how much you’re entitled to from your workplace.

Thankfully, the law states you need independent legal advice before signing a settlement agreement, or you’ll still be able to take your claim to a tribunal. This means that without legal advice you could take your employer to a tribunal – even if you’ve already signed a settlement agreement with them.

Fees are paid for by your employer

As a result, employers will usually agree to pay the cost for you getting legal advice from a firm of solicitors, allowing you to get the assistance you need. 

If you’re given this opportunity you owe it to yourself to get the best help you can. Our employment team is staffed by skilled professionals with extensive experience in settlement agreements. We’re committed to getting you the best deal possible, and we look forward to helping you negotiate the settlement agreement you deserve.

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