Discrimination & Equal Pay

At Robertsons Solicitors we understand that discrimination is still a problem in the workplace. Yet whilst laws have been brought in to prevent this happening, discrimination by employers continues to occur more often than it should. 

Many people feel unfairly treated in their professional lives simply as a result of who they are, and this discrimination can unjustly affect their income and quality of life. 

Unfair treatment can take many forms, whether its unequal pay, being treated poorly, being passed over for promotions, or any other negative treatment you receive on the basis of certain personal characteristics. Discrimination may even take the form of a rule that applies to everyone, but affects you more than it does others. 

However, there are legal remedies available to victims of workplace discrimination. Under the law it is illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment, and whether the individual is married or in a civil partnership. If your employers do act unfairly towards you as a result of any of these protected characteristics then you can take legal action against them. 

Here at Robertsons Solicitors we have experience across a broad range of workplace discrimination matters and our dedicated staff are here to get you the best outcome possible. We believe that discrimination ends where action begins, and our employment team remains committed to helping the victims of workplace discrimination find justice.

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