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The two year-rule for unfair dismissal

Job loss is one of the five major stressors in life, and it is all the more upsetting if yours was an unfair dismissal.   

There could be ‘fair’ reasons for dismissal in the UK, such as:

  • The employee could not do the work he was hired to do or does not have the correct qualifications.
  • The dismissal was because of employee conduct.  Perhaps the employee was dishonest, stayed away from the job or did not follow instructions.
  • If the continuation of employment violates a statute. For example, the employee must drive, but his driver’s licence was suspended.  
  • The person’s job is truly redundant.
  • Any other substantial reason, such as a personality clash with a superior or the unwillingness to accept changes to your terms and conditions.

The onus rests on the employer to show that they have acted reasonably. 

If you think your dismissal was unfair, you must first know that you must have worked continuously for two years in a company before you can make a claim to the UK Employment Tribunal and bring an unfair dismissal claim against an employer. If you were dismissed and it was in contravention of  your employment terms, you could still have a case against your employer.

However, it is possible to claim unfair dismissal without two years’ service if your dismissal was automatically unfair.  For example, dismissals for health and safety reasons or related to the National minimum wage are automatically unfair.

Here are a few more unfair dismissal examples:

  • You’ve asked for more flexible working hours.
  • You joined a trade union.
  • You were on maternity, paternity, or adoption leave.
  • You’ve exposed wrongdoing in the workplace (whistleblowing).
  • You were discriminated against.

Speak to us if you think you’ve been mistreated.  An employer can only terminate your employment under particular conditions. Even so, there should have been a sufficient investigation, evidence, and warnings. The experienced employment solicitors at Robertsons Solicitors can help with unfair dismissal in Cardiff.  

Unfair Dismissal FAQs

First, you must contact the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) and tell them you intend to make a claim to the UK Employment Tribunal.

They will offer you their free ‘Early Conciliation’ service to see if there is a chance of settling the dispute without going to court. If this does not work, the ACAS will send you a certificate you can use to claim to the Tribunal.   You must make a claim within three months of the incident or from when your employment ended.

Does it sound daunting? Our excellent employment solicitors at Robertsons Solicitors can help.

There are other options. You could claim that you were discriminated against or make a claim for wrongful dismissal (or a ‘breach of contract’). It would be best to contact us for an appointment so that we can discuss the options you have.

No.  The dismissal must have been fair based on what the employer knew at the time

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